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Scrip Gift Cards

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Thank you for considering a purchase through the Scrip Program!  Here's how it works:
The school purchases gift cards from the Great Lake Scrip Company at a discount and sells them at face value. Linden keeps the difference as a fundraiser. This is a great program and rewards add up quickly. 

Here are 3 ways you can support the school through the Scrip program:
*  We have a small selection of cards available in the Manse for immediate pickup. You can pay online through this site or stop by the office to pay with cash or check. 

*You can also place a custom order in the office. If you don't see the vendor or amount you need in our inventory here, or if you prefer not to shop online, we have you covered. Simply stop by the office, fill out an order form with payment, and we'll have your cards to you in 5-7 business days.

* You can shop online directly through GLSC & link your purchases to Linden. Visit and use enrollment code  DEA1D37C19139  to place family or individual orders. You can set up online payment through their site or leave payment in the office if preferred. (Note: Orders will not be placed by the school until payment is received. The scrip program is not able to accept IOUs at this time.) For more information email

Thank you so much to those who have supported the Scrip program this school year. These little cards make a big impact! Since July 2015 We have already earned over $500.00! We'd like to raise even more money for the school in the spring semester. We hope you will consider using this program when purchasing gifts for friends & family or for yourself to use in your routine shopping spots. 

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Click here to view a quick video that explains the scrip program.